Ailyn Ghonstavos

A beautiful woman wearing worn armor with long straight black hair and wary experienced eyes.


Female Chelaxian Human of 28 years, a Pathfinder
Bard?? Rogue??
Chaotic Good worshipper of ????

STR: toned but not bulked up, lean
DEX: smooth fluid moves with a quick reaction time
CON: average health with a reserve of tough as nails
INT:a sharp mind for investigation and research
WIS: wise enough to not get killed but risky enough to flirt with it
CHR: a people person, a leader, able to sell ice to a white dragon

FORT:Ailyn pulls through when she needs to but can’t take too much physically.
REFL:The best defense is to not be there.
WILL:She doesn’t fall for tricks and charms.

Init:The best defense is to be first.
Armor: Ailyn wears soft worn leathers that don’t seem out of place in public and little else but a woman of her experience doesn’t show all of her cards.
Base Attack:

Melee:Ailyn carries a beautiful rapier in a worn leather scabbard and you might have caught a glimpse of a dagger hilt tucked away somewhere.

Ranged:You don’t see a ranged weapon on Ailyn but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Feats (#): ??

Lang (2): Various




Traits: NA



Ailyn Ghonstavos

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