Male Chelish Human of 21 years from Westcrown
Expert 1
Neutral Good worshipper of Abadar

STR: 16 broad shoulders and corded muscles, this lad knows how to generate torque with a swing
DEX: 09 a slight limp hinders his movement
CON: 16(+2 Racial) a robust young man
INT: 10 apprenticed to a blacksmith so nothing learned beyond the bare necessities
WIS: 12 has a good feeling of situations even if he doesn’t understand them
CHR: 09 with his physical limp and tendency to listen rather than speak he puts people off initially

FORT: +3 in spite of a childhood illness he is quite hardy and can endure hardship well
REFL: -1 finds it hard to get out of the way
WILL: +3 stubborn and mentally thick

Init: – 1 Speed:30’
HD[hp]:1d8 + 3 + 3/ 13
AC: 09 Flat: 09 Touch: 09
Armor: None, Dexterity -1
Base Attack: 0

Warhammer To Hit: +3 Damage: 1d8 + 3 Crit: x3 Bludgeoning

Feats(1 + 1): Martial Weapon Prof. – Warhammer, Toughness

Lang (0): Common

Skills(6 + 1)(Ranks/Bonus): Craft – Blacksmithy(1/4), Craft – Weaponsmithy(1/4), Handle Animal(1/3), Intimidate(1/3), Ride(1/3), Appraise(1/4), Climb(1/7)



Traits: NA

Gear: a warhammer he made himself, artisan’s (weaponsmithing) tools, artisan’s (blacksmithing) tools, peasant’s outfit, artisan’s outfit,


Many of Ermolos’ friends would say that he has it good, that the luck of the damned is upon him; Ermolo would disagree. When Ermolos was a young boy he became terribly ill and was expected to die but to the amazement of the layhealer that treated him and the priest of Pharasma that came later to bury him Ermolos lived with only scarring of his leg muscles to show for it. When his father ran off with a Varisian woman leaving his wife and children alone and in debt it was expected that the family would have to sell themselves into slavery to repay the collectors but it was Ermolos who saved a noble woman from being trampled by a horse and found her generosity enough to free his famliy from debt. Ermolos’ luck seemed to run out when his mother had supported her family by prostitution and mid-wifery in the Rego Cader thereby denying her children the social opportunities to move up in the world. Yet a local widower blacksmith saw Ermolos working on the docks as a child and was impressed by his determination despite the boy’s infimities and within months Ermolos not only had an apprenticeship with the craftsman but his mother had caught the old man’s eye and moved her and the rest of her family into his home. Ermolos’ friends saw a boy seemingly blessed by some divine power but to Ermolos the events that challenged his family were not lessons in how to persevere but examples of just missing certain catastrophe brought upon his family by the presence of the House of Thrune, the church of Asmodeus and the general state of the nobility crashing the average citizen for Ermolos had, as a young crippled boy, heard a man talking in one of the rundown taverns of the Cader about politics, equality and people being free and equal like in Andoran. The speech had caught his attention and although a great deal of the ideas and words that the man talked about went over his head Ermolos was nontheless excited by it. Those ideas might have come and gone in Ermolos’ head but the image of the dottari and the Asmodean clergy who beat the man and dragged him away to be later tortured and publically executed fixed the point in his mind. Ermolos decided right there that he would seek a future where he and his family could enjoy that kind of world and when he heard of Janivan and her goals through a mutual friend he joined her cause in secret without hesitation.


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