Female Chelish Human of 20 years from Westcrown
Commoner 1
Chaotic Good worshipper of Abadar (her parents’ faith) and Nethys

STR: 08 a thin young woman with little muscle
DEX: 14 yet she has very precise movements especially in her hands
CON: 10 average health
INT: 16 a keen eager mind filled with curiosity and creativity
WIS: 11 sometimes more aware of her thoughts than her surroundings
CHR: 14 (+2 Racial) beautiful features with a playful witty manner

FORT: 0 Lacks stamina
REFL: +2 Moves with fluidity and grace.
WILL: 0 An untrained mind.

Init: +2
HD[hp]:1d6 / 5
AC: 12 Flat: 10 Touch: 12
Armor: None, Dexterity +2
Base Attack: 0

Dagger To Hit: -1 Damage: 1d4-1 Crit: 19/x2

Feats(1 + 1): Skill Focus – Craft Jewelry, Magical Aptitude

Lang (3 + 1): Common, Infernal, Draconic, Varisian

Skills(5 + 1)(Ranks/Bonus): Craft – Jewelry(1/10), Profession – Merchant(1/4), Know – Arcane(1/4), Linguistics(1/4), Spellcraft(1/6), Use Magic Device(1/5)



Traits: NA

Gear: noble’s outfits (several dresses and outfits), traveler’s outfit (also several), 150gp in various jewelry of which she wears 15 – 55gp worth at a time, dagger in a jeweled scabbard (10gp), notebook, travelling writing set, a small library of general arcane reference texts (back in her room), artisan’s (jewelry) tools



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