The Rebirth of Westcrown - Council of Thieves

A Letter in a Chest

I know you’re listening to this wondering why I would leave you a bottle message and not a note where to meet me. I cannot meet you my friend. Things in Westcrown continue to fall apart and the House of Thrune grows more powerful with every passing moment and I find the fortunes of my house growing too tenuous to have your friendship a known factor. It took all the political clout I had left to assure your release from imprisonment before the Thrunish guard and their infernal lackeys were to arrive and torture you. I owed you that much my love and I arranged to have all your confiscated possessions placed herein including the map to the treasure of Tamoachan. From here on however I cannot risk our affiliation becoming revealed; my wife already suspects and it is a known that she funnels reports of my activities to her bed toy Aledos who I have discovered is a informant for Thrune. To see you again would be to risk your life and I will not have that. I have expended all that can to have you free and I do not mind building my secret resources expended again if it is with the knowledge of your freedom, besides you know I enjoy the game too much to let my shrew of a wife best me. If you succeed and obtain the Mwangi fortune and your house is able to best the infernalists with that wealth then perhaps my wife will find her future unsecure and we shall be able to enjoy the opera again but you must hurry for the situation favors the House of Thrune with increasing speed.
I hope that Desna favors your risk with success and that we shall be together again but in case the gods do not hear us through the chants of the Asmodeans know that I will always hold the memory of your laugh and the flash of reckless fire within your eyes in my heart.

Yours always,
Gandio Balverrada Mezinas



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