• Brag “Longtooth” Brightmore

    Brag “Longtooth” Brightmore

    Brag seems a man of contrasts. A rough looking half-orc bastard who holds himself with dignity and exudes a aura of purity and honor. Those of dark heart or corrupt soul find they must look away as the Longtooth almost shines with holy light.
  • Fedris Reg

    Fedris Reg

    This young Fighter typically wears Black armor and shield and weilds a strange Trident
  • Kyras


    A tall sorcerer bearing a long spear and possessed of a slight draconic nature that shows in his retractable claws, icy blue elliptical eyes, and pale skin with wide facial features.
  • Lucia


    An intriguing young woman with dark sultry features whose hands are reversed and operate backwards and has a bold attitude written across her face. She moves with fluid moves and is prone to leap from quiet observance to violent action.
  • Solandra


    A beautiful Keleshite woman whose dark features belie a shining personality and gleaming rainment.
  • Ailyn Ghonstavos

    Ailyn Ghonstavos

    A beautiful woman wearing worn armor with long straight black hair and wary experienced eyes.
  • Arael


    Stern faced, dark haired half-elf who bears the holy symbol of Iomedae
  • Fiosa


    Female halfling expert 1
  • Gorvio


    Gorvio seems an aveage lad with short brown hair and tan gained from working outside. He’s average in height and on the thin side; altogether unremarkable except that his eyes are a bright amber color and he has a strong presence.
  • Janiven Key

    Janiven Key

    An attractive woman who downplays her beauty with rough clothes and armor.
  • Larko


    Dockworker and revolutionary.
  • Lord-Mayor Aberian Arvanxi

    Lord-Mayor Aberian Arvanxi

    A rotund, balding man with a quick and somewhat too-wide smile. He wears the city colors in his fine suit along with a winter wolf cloak.
  • Morosino


    Morosino is a nine year old boy that seems much like any other boy excepting that when he laughs (which is often actually) his eyes are, at best, very serious and when he is serious his eyes often have a glint of mischief about them.
  • Mother Igg

    Mother Igg

    The greasy flabby owner of the The Black Teal Inn (The Cam Inn) on Miller's Court.
  • Pathfinder Coriana Heavenscape

    Pathfinder Coriana Heavenscape

    A pile of cremains recovered from the crematorium, Massacre House, of the Sisters of Eiseth.
  • The Outcast King

    The Outcast King

    A horrid barbazu-otyugh amalgam with tentacles, writhing beard, black horns and insane eyes that seek to fill a slavering mouth.
  • Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin

    Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin

    A stone bust broken off his petrified corpse.
  • Vittorio


    A strange eccentric man with green hair and poorly handmade clothes covered with wood shavings